1. Please upload a protonated protein in specific pH WITHOUT any compound / ligand / inhibitor in binding site

The protein must prepare in specific pH value, we recommend using the website http://biophysics.cs.vt.edu/H++

Upload Protein file: 

2. Setting Control Ligand (optional)

Use Control Ligand (in mol2,sdf format): 

3. Define binding site

Number of key residues:
・Residue1 Number:    Residue Name:
Protein polymer Chain:
Give coordinates of the center of the binding site:
x ,   y ,   z
Binding site radius

4. Select ligand:

TCM ligands are prepared in three pH sets
Low pH (4.5-7.0) Medium pH (5.75-8.25) High pH (7.0-9.5)

5. Other parameters

Select Docking Speed : 1x 2x 4x
Send an email notice when docking job is done
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